Expand services that respond to a society with a declining birthrate and aging population

We address customer needs by providing face–to–face consulting and lifestyle support as a partner helping customers design their lives in a way that is aligned with their changing interests and concerns in a society that faces a declining birthrate and aging population, as well as an age of longevity.


Consulting and other services


Through financing, we support initiatives in the medical and nursing care fields for national and local governments, corporate clients, and individual customers.

Social Impact Bonds

Social impact bonds (SIBs) are a Pay for Success-style scheme under which a governing authority utilizes private funding to finance an initiative. The governing authority uses private capital and expertise to enact social change, and makes outcomes–based payments depending on initiative results.

SIBs are expected to be utilized in the future to remedy various social issues in fields such as medicine, nursing care, labor, and education.

We at Mizuho are working in collaboration with governing authorities and businesses to advance social initiatives through SIBs.

Using social impact bonds to support businesses dedicated to extending healthy life expectancy

Formulated Japan's first wide-area partnership social impact bond, and introduced a public-private partnership method linked to results with Hiroshima Prefecture and six municipalities in the prefecture (PDF/414KB)

Concluded Japan's first investment agreement for a social impact bond
– New Public–Private Partnership Method Linked to Results Introduced in Hachioji City (PDF/259KB)

Impact Investment fund

Mizuho is a participating investor in the Japan Impact Investment II fund which, as a form of infrastructure for the support and development of startup companies working to resolve social issues, supports startups that operate childcare, nursing care, and new work style–related businesses.

This fund aims to create a sustainable society by focusing on working people, and targets childcare, nursing care, and new work style–related businesses, such as companies contributing to building an environment where people in different situations can continue working despite their life events such as child and nursing care; educational and nursery care service providers contributing to developing next–generation talent; and companies supporting the balance between childcare and nursing care. The fund invests in early to later stage companies with JPY 100 to 500 million per investment. As an impact investment fund aiming to secure both economic and social returns, the fund continues contributing to solving social challenges through investment, by building partnerships with investors, businesses, and various experts.

Participation in the Japan Impact Investment No. 2 Fund as an infrastructure for supporting and fostering ventures to solve social issues (PDF/251KB)

Loans to companies and medical institutions

Mizuho Clinic Assist loans for clinics

To meet the facility establishment and facility operation–related funding needs of doctors who are in private practices or preparing to create such practices, Mizuho Bank offers favorable financing methods under the title of Mizuho Clinic Assist.

The Mizuho Clinic Assist loan products for medical clinics

Products for individual customers

As the average lifespan grows longer, there is serious societal concern regarding the financial stability of people as they reach old age, and financial institutions are increasingly expected to serve a role in helping customers lead worry–free lives in their later years. To address our customers' lifestyle needs in old age, we are providing individual customers with financial planning and consultation to ensure stability in their later years, home renovation loans to make houses barrier–free, as well as developing and providing products and services that are of interest to older people.

Multifunctional Safety Trust responding to the various needs of older customers

In Multifunctional Safety Trust accounts, Mizuho Trust & Banking manages funds deposited by customers in principal–guaranteed financial instruments, and customers can use the funds for the functions and services they need when they need them.

In addition to providing financial services, such as request for consent of payout, annual fund giving, and other services, Mizuho provides lifestyle–support services. These include introductions to companies offering such services as caregiving, nursing homes, and housekeeping on a favorably discounted basis.

Multifunctional Safety Trust performance
  As of March 31, 2020 As of March 31, 2021 As of March 31, 2022 As of March 31, 2023
Total number of cases handled 1,630 2,062 3,096 4,328
Total amount handled JPY 64.348billion JPY 80.861billion JPY 121.837billion JPY 169.415billion

Multifunctional Safety Trust
Multifunctional Safety Trust

Dementia Support Trust: Creating a society in which people can retain their autonomy even if they are afflicted by dementia

Mizuho Trust & Banking offers a Dementia Support Trust, which allows customers to put their financial affairs in order by designating funds to be used for things such as living and medical expenses in case they suffer from dementia later in life.

Dementia Support Trust performance
  As of March 31, 2021 As of March 31, 2022 As of March 31, 2023
Total number of cases handled 1,030 1,117 1,161
Total amount handled JPY 7.361billion JPY 8.047billion JPY 8.776 billion

Dementia Support Trust

Letter to the Future, a private data trust supporting management and inheritance of valuable information

Mizuho Trust & Banking offers a private data trust, Letter to the Future, that allows customers to entrust us with property information and other private information only they know through an online interface, to be provided to designated beneficiaries at the time of inheritance. (Some information is provided prior to inheritance). Going forward, we will continue to use digital technology to offer trust products and services meeting customers' wide-ranging needs.

Letter to the Future private data trust
Letter to the Future private data trust

Offering products and services that meet the needs of children with disabilities and their families

Mizuho Trust & Banking, in cooperation with other companies, develops and offers a wide range of trust banking services for its customers.

Mizuho's Life Insurance Trust (Mirai Anshin (Future Safety) Support Type) is mainly intended for family policy holders who have children with disabilities. When family members pass away, it provides planned benefit support for the children of the family.

Going forward, Mizuho Trust & Banking will offer products and services that are readily available to children with disabilities and their families throughout their lifetimes.

Mizuho's Life Insurance Trust (Mirai Anshin (Future Safety) Support Type)

Mizuho Reverse 60

Mizuho Reverse 60 is a mortgage loan that enables customers aged 60 or above to use their owner-occupied house (home) as collateral to borrow funds to purchase or rebuild a home.

The monthly payments cover only the interest on the loan, and the principal is repaid upon the death of the borrower either by sale of the home or a lump-sum payment by the heirs.

In our graying society, this product meets the growing need of older customers to change their living situations and helps them realize a more affluent lifestyle in their later years.

Mizuho to Start Offering "Mizuho Reverse 60" Reverse Mortgage Loan (PDF/282KB)

Group credit life insurance for those diagnosed with cancer

This group credit life insurance offered by Mizuho Bank provides complete repayment of the customer's home loan regardless of their employment situation, in the case that they are diagnosed with cancer while repaying the loan.

Information about group credit life insurance for those diagnosed with cancer (PDF/132KB)

Consulting and other services

Through services including consulting, seminars and business matching, we support initiatives in the medical and nursing care fields for national and local governments, corporate clients, and individual customers.

National and local governments

Support for medical care policy planning

Mizuho Research & Technologies provides central and local government bodies with support for the creation of policies related to health, medical, and nursing care. Having established a team that handles medical care policies implemented by government bodies responsible for social security policies, the institute is undertaking studies and analysis of situations required when considering systemic reforms, studies and research of overseas practices worth considering in connection with the creation of new systems, diverse kinds of studies and research designed to promote the medical care industry, and the leveraging of findings from such studies and research to provide support to local government bodies with respect to the creation of policies.

Consultation on health, medical, and long-term care policy

Other policymaking support in the social security field

Mizuho Research & Technologies also provides a variety of policymaking support solutions across a wide range of employment, personnel, welfare, pension, social inclusion, and related areas to government and public organizations in the social security field.

The social security field

Companies and health insurance associations

Efforts to improve employee health and optimize medical care expenses

Leveraging the know–how it has accumulated in the course of such activities as creating and operating medical care expense analysis systems and systems for medical care insurance providers, Mizuho Research & Technologies has developed a unique "health–age" software, which enables the analysis of medical care and health information to gain a clear understanding of such factors as those related to lifestyles, health conditions, and medical expenses as well as to make comparisons between occupational categories and regions. The institute uses this software and other tools to provide consulting services, including preparation of "Data Health Plans", as provided for in the government's Japan Revitalization Strategy, to medical care insurance providers.

Healthage® Data-based Health Planning Total Solution (Healthage®)

Conclusion of Business Partnership Agreement to Create New Services to Help Prevent Lifestyle-related Diseases among Company Employees

Initiatives to create health improvement support services for corporate health insurers

Initiatives to create services for health insurance associations

Declining birthrate and aging population, plus good health and lengthening lifespans

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