Sound economic growth

As a financial services group, Mizuho will contribute to sound economic growth through initiatives that promote the shift to a cashless society and the strengthening of capital markets functions, in order to support the sustainable development and prosperity of the economy, industry and society around the world.

Strengthening capital markets functions

By enhancing constructive engagement with investee companies, and focusing on ESG integration, we aim to maximize returns by increasing the corporate value of investee companies.

Stewardship activities that contribute to the increased corporate value of our clients

Mizuho Trust & Banking and Asset Management One (AM–One) are advancing initiatives which focus on the execution of their stewardship responsibilities and promote ESG investment. 

Please click here for more information about the stewardship responsibilities and ESG investment initiatives at the group’s investment management unit, Asset Management One.

Stewardship responsibilities and ESG investment

Responsible investment and financing (Investment)

Address changes in the Japanese and global business environment / regulations, and the need to ensure economic security

Making environmental, social, and technological policy recommendations, and supporting the drafting and promotion of policy through appeals to government and economic organizations.

Collaboration with all stakeholders

Consulting and policy support for environmental, energy, and natural resource matters

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