Message from the President & Group CEO of Mizuho Financial Group


As President & CEO of Mizuho Financial Group, I would like to express our deep appreciation for your continued interest and support. I would also like to express my heartfelt sympathies for all of those who have contracted COVID-19 and the many people who have been impacted in various ways by the spread of the virus.

Global trends and structural changes: Towards transitioning to the next generation of financial services

At Mizuho, we have been moving forward on our transition to the next generation of financial services through the 5-Year Business Plan we announced in 2019. Customer needs have been undergoing structural change against the backdrop of such megatrends as digitalization, a declining birthrate and aging population, and globalization. We are taking this into account and addressing these new needs by implementing forward-looking structural reforms in the three interconnected areas of business structure, finance structure, and corporate foundations.

Despite lingering uncertainty about the future due to factors such as outbreaks of COVID-19 variants, with the rollout of vaccines some positive signs have begun to appear for the recovery of the Japanese economy. At the same time, some of the structural changes stemming from or accelerated by the pandemic have taken hold under the "new normal", and this is having a variety of impacts on our customers and society.

With consideration to such changes in the business environment, in May 2021 we reorganized our branch network to have separate operational frameworks for retail customers and corporate clients, establishing a structure for responding to customers' unique needs in a more specialized way. In addition, in order to better serve large corporate clients, we reorganized our industry-specific operational frameworks for banking and securities into five industry groups composed of industries with mutual affinities. We will leverage this framework to further strengthen our ability to make proposals, which will enable us to strongly support clients' business structure transformation in light of shifts in industry structure after the pandemic and the movement towards a sustainable society.

The greater attention to sustainability worldwide is an irreversible structural change. For our clients as well, sustainability initiatives are a significant business challenge. At Mizuho, we are approaching sustainability as a core part of our strategy, endeavoring to create business opportunities and enhance risk management through engagement—in other words, through constructive dialogue with our clients. Through our provision of financial and non-financial solutions and services, we will positively contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of the economy, industry, and society both in Japan and around the world and to environmental conservation, in turn positively contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

Continuous growth, together with our customers and society

For the economy and society, fiscal 2021 is a critical year to determine the path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to carry out overarching structural changes looking ahead to the post-pandemic era. We are committed to tackling the concerns of customers and society in this new era and providing support head on as a financial institution. In doing so, we will achieve the objective I outlined when I was appointed as Group CEO: to build a stronger and more resilient financial group which our customers can depend on in the coming era.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding and will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

February 2022


Masahiro Kihara

President & Group CEO
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.


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