Message from the President & CEO of Mizuho Bank


As President & CEO of Mizuho Bank, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your continued support of Mizuho. I would also like to express my heartfelt sympathies for all of those who have contracted COVID–19 and the many people who have been impacted in various ways by the spread of the virus.

Mizuho Bank has one of the largest customer bases in Japan with a network encompassing every prefecture in the country and major financial and business centers around the world. As a leading bank providing an array of sophisticated financial services, we are committed to ensuring secure and stable support for our customers' payments and business funding. At the same time, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our customers and working to prevent further spread of the virus that causes COVID–19.

Responding to changing customer needs by leveraging the group's collective strength to provide the best financial solutions

The world is experiencing ongoing structural changes in the economy, industry, and society, such as digitalization, a declining birthrate and aging population, and globalization, as well as the global outbreak of COVID–19. In order to respond to expanding customer needs and higher demand in light of these changes in the environment, we are leveraging the group's collective strength to provide the best financial solutions for our customers.

For our personal banking customers, we are committed to providing services that match individual customer needs through open collaboration with other companies and the adoption of new technology. Also, considering lengthening lifespans, we are also focused on providing optimal solutions aligned to customers' life events, such as asset formation in preparation for the future and nursing support services for old age.

For our corporate banking clients, we support growth strategies for improving corporate value and business structure transformation, especially those initiatives that aim to achieve sustainability management. For example, we are assisting in addressing the lack of successors for business owners, and providing risk capital in growth areas, leveraging our high–level industry insight and astute perceptiveness. We are also committed to supporting our clients' sustainable development through providing non–financial services, such as support functions for the shift to becoming carbon neutral, and business matching. Furthermore, we also draw on our extensive global network to support Japanese companies looking to enter or expand their presence in overseas markets and work to build long–term, multifaceted relationships with our non–Japanese multinational clients.

Committed to being customer focused

Every member of the organization is committed to being customer focused. We think and act with our customers' best interests in mind to fully support them in achieving their goals. In this way, we aim to remain a reliable presence for our customers within an ever–changing world, serving as a financial solutions partner for a new era, while continuing to provide unique, high–value service.

We appreciate your continued support and will make every effort to not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

May 2022

File: Autograph-Masahiko Kato

Masahiko Kato
President & CEO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

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