Creating resilient social infrastructure

Establishing a safe, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure serves as a base for economic and social development. We are working to make use of our sophisticated professional capabilities in the fields of project finance and public–private partnership (PPP) 1 and private finance initiative (PFI) 2 arrangements and are collaborating with local governments and agencies to actively supply funding and consulting services.

1.   A public–private partnership (PPP) is a cooperative arrangement between the public and private sectors to provide public services and infrastructure.

2.   A private finance initiative (PFI) is a common type of PPP in which the private sector takes a leading role in providing public services and private funding and expertise are used in the maintenance and operation of public facilities.


Project finance making use of PPP/PFI schemes

Mizuho Bank makes use of PPP/PFI schemes for infrastructure–related project finance both inside and outside Japan.

Project financing for the Nacala Corridor railway and port project in the Republic of Mozambique (PDF/15KB)

Supporting sustainable bond issuance

Mizuho Securities established a Sustainable Finance Office in 2019 to reinforce our structure for supporting clients in issuing sustainable bonds. By offering diverse clients services for the issuance of sustainable bonds, including underwriting of sustainable bonds for infrastructure projects, we provide comprehensive support for client initiatives that contribute to society.

Support for issuance of SDG bonds

Mizuho's initiatives related to sustainable finance

Fund formation and management

Leveraging the knowledge we have accumulated thus far from investing in global infrastructure assets, we are supporting the development and construction of infrastructure projects that are essential for the sustainable development of society.

Regarding the Establishment of a Fund & Management Company specialized for Equity Investment in Overseas Infrastructure Assets

Advisory services

At Mizuho, we utilize our experience bridging the public and private sectors as well as our industry and finance expertise to provide advisory services in the infrastructure field.

PPP/PFI advisory services

As a pioneer in the PFI business in Japan, Mizuho Research & Technologies has a track record of completing more than 400 research and advisory projects for the public sector (i.e., for national and regional public entities).

Over the past few years, Mizuho Research & Technologies has been strengthening its role as a bridge between the public and private sectors, advancing PPP/PFI projects in accordance with the nature of the operation and expanding the infrastructure PPP market, centered on projects for airports, seaports, and waterworks infrastructure.

Collaboration with national and local governments

We are engaged in collaboration with governments inside and outside Japan on both the national and local levels.

Appointment as "social impact loan" arranger for the East Nippon Expressway Company

Mizuho Bank received a mandate to be the arranger on a syndicated social impact loan for East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., marking the first time we have been appointed as an arranger on a social impact loan. The purpose of a social impact loan is to raise capital for businesses which are seeking solutions to social issues. In the expressway industry, East Nippon Expressway has been proactively contributing to society from the perspective of local community revitalization, disaster preparedness, promotion of traffic safety, and environmental conservation. Mizuho Bank is arranging the social impact loan to support the company's business addressing social issues through social infrastructure development.

As a financial services group, we will continue applying our expertise to provide capital raising support and a variety of solutions for endeavors aimed at solving social issues.

Mizuho receives mandate as arranger of a social impact loan for East Nippon Expressway

Collaboration with Tokyo to seismically reinforce emergency transportation roadways and roadside structures

The maintenance of arterial roadways (emergency transportation roadways), the main arteries that are vital to evacuations and first responders in a natural disaster, is key to ensuring that cities continue to function. Within this context, a variety of measures are under way to seismically reinforce 100% of the emergency transportation roadways and roadside structures in Tokyo.

In January 2013, Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Trust & Banking became the first financial institution signatories to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's agreement to seismically reinforce emergency transportation roadways and roadside structures. The objective of this agreement is to improve Tokyo's resilience in the face of disasters, and we are focusing the combined strengths of the Mizuho group to address customers' various concerns by providing consulting services for earthquake–proofing measures.

Major initiatives outside Japan

Memorandum of Understanding for Business Cooperation with the National Development Agency of Mongolia

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