Asset formation support initiatives

Due to trends in Japan such as the declining birthrate and aging population, consequent population contraction, and emergence of negative interest rates, the importance of asset formation to prepare for the future is expected to rise going forward.

We are supporting medium– to long–term asset formation by publicly announcing policies regarding Mizuho's fiduciary duties as they relate to asset management, and implementing measures from a customer-focused perspective.

Policies Regarding Mizuho's Fiduciary Duties (Japanese text only)

Offering services to meet customers' medium– to long–term asset formation needs

At Asset Management One, we make good use of the investment know-how we have cultivated in our pension business, and provide investment trusts that meet the medium- to long-term asset formation needs of our customers. We also seek to enhance our product lines to accommodate the risk tolerance of consumers in light of the development of emerging systems such as NISA and iDeCo.

For example, we offer a passive fund with an attractive expected return for a wide range of investors. We also offer a fund which selectively invests over the medium to long term in companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, benefiting from global economic growth.

Also, for banks, securities companies, and other intermediaries that market our funds and act as the interface with customers, we make use of our marketing system, which is the largest in Japan, as we also work to upgrade our websites and the content of our investment education programs. By providing support for distributors, we are working to raise the level of understanding among customers, who are ultimately the end investors, and deepen their understanding of the necessity of asset formation, investment methods, and other asset management-related knowledge.

Through continuing these initiatives, we will drive the shift from savings to asset formation and contribute to activating Japan's financial assets. 


Promoting use of the NISA system

The Nippon Individual Savings Accounts (NISA) system was introduced as an effective asset formation scheme to stimulate interest among individuals who have little experience in investing, first among the younger generations. Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Securities are offering asset building proposals that include NISAs.

In addition, in January 2018, Mizuho began to handle installment-type investment programs through NISAs, and we are currently promoting these products, which are suited to the needs of customers who want to make small but active contributions within the limits of their budgets in NISA schemes. We are also promoting the new NISA system, to be launched in January 2024, in order to maximize the number of its users.

On the investment information front, Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Securities proactively hold seminars and consultation sessions that are attended by a large number of customers. Thanks to these initiatives, as of March 31, 2023 Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Securities have received a combined total of approximately 660,000 applications to open NISAs and have opened about 199,000 installment-type NISA accounts.

Mizuho will continue to help its customers accumulate assets, and contribute to better utilization of domestic financial assets by proactively promoting the use of the NISA system.

Initiatives to expand our customer base for Individual Defined Contribution Pension (iDeCo) accounts

iDeCo accounts are private pension plans that allow individuals to make contributions to their pension assets in addition to contributions made through public pension systems. This pension system is well-suited to individuals interested in medium- to long-term formation of self-managed assets for later in life.

Mizuho Bank, as a DC provider offering and promoting related asset management and administration services, is actively promoting these pension accounts.

Specific strengths of the iDeCo-related services offered by Mizuho Bank include a lineup of investment trusts with low fees. In addition, by using the Smart Folio DC management support service offered by Mizuho Bank, individual customers for these accounts can easily identify and select a portfolio of investments that are in keeping with their risk appetites. To make our services easier to use, even for customers new to investing, we at Mizuho Bank are endeavoring to enhance the convenience of our service offerings.

Going forward, Mizuho will work to expand our base of customers working to build their asset balances through our initiatives in the iDeCo field, and thereby contribute to advancing financial asset flows in Japan.

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