Reputational Risk Management

Basic Approach

We define reputational risk as the risk that the Mizuho group may incur tangible or intangible losses due to adverse effect to our reputation or Mizuho's brand when all services provided by and all activities conducted by the Mizuho group, officers and employees, are recognized as deviating from the expectations and requirements of stakeholders, including customers, employees, the economy, and society.

We supervise reputational risk management for the Mizuho group.
Specifically, we establish the group's basic policies pertaining to reputational risk management, manage core group companies, and monitor how the group's reputational risks are being managed as a whole.

Reputational Risk Management Structure

Our Board of Directors determines the Mizuho group's basic matters pertaining to reputational risk management. In addition, the Business Policy Committees (specifically the Risk Management Committee) comprehensively deliberate and coordinate basic policies pertaining to reputational risk management, and matters relating to operations and monitoring. The Group Chief Strategy Officer (Group CSO) is responsible for matters relating to planning and operation of reputational risk management. The Public Relations Office conducts monitoring and reporting of reputational risks and analyses and suggestions thereof, and carries out planning and promotion of basic matters pertaining to reputational risk management.

Reports on the reputational risk situations, etc. are made on a regular basis to the Group CSO and the Business Policy Committees.
Regarding the reputational risk management of the core group companies, we identify and manage reputational risks appropriately by receiving their reports on a regular basis. In particular, individual companies which account for a large part of the group's reputational risks establish their own basic policies, and the board of directors of the individual company determines important matters pertaining to reputational risk management.

Method of Reputational Risk Management

We control reputational risks by carrying out centralized monitoring and management of the information that is deemed to have a great impact on our group management, and creating an appropriate management structure suited to the scale and nature of risks, etc.

We endeavor to prevent the realization of reputational risks beforehand and minimize losses by identifying reputational risks earlier and responding appropriately in terms of urgency and impact.

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