Support innovation and industry revitalization in Japan and globally

Acceleration of innovation

Supporting the activities of social entrepreneurs

Acceleration of innovation

For innovative start–ups that have superior technology and ideas, Mizuho provides both loans and equity financing, while also actively offering business development opportunities such as business matching as well as through collaboration with industry, academia, and government ministries. Through these activities, Mizuho aims to provide financial support that will lead to sustainable growth in the Japanese economy and the creation of new jobs.



Financial institutions are expected to play roles in supporting companies from a broad perspective by sharing risk, providing industry and business knowledge, and supporting the creation of corporate governance frameworks. By supporting the growth of Japanese companies through joint investment and providing capital funding as necessary to spur growth, we will continue working to enhance the industrial competitiveness of the Japanese economy and society.

Initiatives in FY2023


Initiatives in FY2022


Initiatives in FY2021


Initiatives in FY2020


Initiatives in FY2019


Business development

Through M's Salon, we provide our full, multifaceted support to start–up companies who are building the future

M's Salon is a membership service that leverages the networks, financial services capabilities, and consulting services of Mizuho Financial Group to provide management knowledge, business execution know–how, business expansion opportunities, financing support, and other services that are essential for start–up companies aiming for rapid growth.

M's Salon formally began accepting membership applications from 2017, and now has over 3,600* participating member companies.
*   As of the end of March 2021

Mizuho hosted the M's Salon Connect, a large-scale event facilitating introductions and concentrated business discussions between innovative companies* seeking business expansion alliances and product development partners to large companies in need of new business development and operational efficiency.
(*Companies using advanced technology to develop innovative products and services)
(*Average number of business discussions)

  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Holding Method Off-line Off-line On-line On-line
Number of business negotiations 647 1,044 1,112 1,124
Number of participating large companies 128 152 149 143
Number of participating innovative companies 299 358 441 431

(*Average attendance at each meeting)

M's Salon is composed of support companies—mostly leading Japanese companies, mentors well versed in management and business, and closely affiliated venture capital companies, who together create opportunities for business matching, hold seminars, and contribute to the rapid growth of member companies.

In addition to providing services using the latest technologies, M’s Salon hosts the SDGs x Tech Pitch event where innovative companies, contributing to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals, take the stage to pitch their ideas to major companies.

We will contribute to the Japanese economy and social progress through our support for the start–up companies that will play a leading role in the future.


Education, mentoring

IPO support structure

Mizuho provides solutions tailored to its customers' needs by coordinating with Mizuho Securities, which supports listed companies as a securities firm, including the needs of customers considering an initial public offering (IPO); Mizuho Trust & Banking, which provides transfer agent services, including advice on securities matters and other support; and Mizuho Capital, which offers advice for venture capital investments and public offerings.

Supporting the creation of innovation

Since FY2016, Mizuho Securities has held Innovation Field, an annual event to accelerate open innovation, build ecosystems and enhance collaboration among industry, the public sector and academia. Its seventh edition “Innovation Field 2023,” held under the theme of “Transition to a Sustainable Society: Evolution of a Revolutionary Ecosystem,” included the following four programs: “Realization of a sustainable society with innovation”; “Cutting-edge technology to make a difference”; “Building a more advanced ecosystem”; and “Response to the changing financial market environment.” The event offered excellent opportunities for sharing business ideas and active networking to a wide range of participants, including startups, large companies, and venture capital companies as well as government agencies and academic institutions.

Supporting the activities of social entrepreneurs

Attention around the world is increasingly focusing on impact startups (social entrepreneurs) who are reforming society with a sustainable business approach by addressing pressing and serious social issues such as those in the fields of human rights, education, health, and the environment. In Japan, which is considered a country at the forefront of addressing social issues that include an aging population, social security, energy, and the vitalization of local economies, expectations are rising regarding what social businesses can accomplish. As part of our effort to advance social business in Japan, we at Mizuho are promoting initiatives to help solve social issues, leveraging the insight and know-how of social entrepreneurs.

Specific initiatives

From October 2019 to March 2020, we turned the temporary enclosure around our Marunouchi Tower construction site into Mizuho Bank Gallery, a "social art museum" for the local community, and exhibited artwork from artists with intellectual disabilities. This project was a collaboration with Heralbony, a company that promotes innovative initiatives to present artwork by artists with intellectual disabilities to the general public by displaying the artwork on temporary enclosures around construction sites and other locations. In addition, on December 20, 2021, Mizuho began issuing Mizuho Business Debit SDGs cards featuring artwork by artists with disabilities contracted by Heralbony. Mizuho also sponsored a Heralbony exhibition on the theme of musicalizing the routine sound generated by the mentally disabled, held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa from October 2022 to March 2023.


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